How it works

What is our VoipSwitch Hosted Solution?

Our hosted VoIP softswitch with its integrated billing system, is a reliable, cost-effective solution for VoIP service providers to benefit from our industry-leading technology. With Hosted VoipSwitch, you and your resellers can offer a full range of white-labeled VoIP services, without investing in your own infrastructure.

VoipSwitch is our carrier-grade Voipswitch hosted platform platform. With our Class 4 softswitch capabilities you can offer the perfect hosted solution for Wholesale VoIP.  As with our Class 5 softswitch capabilities you are guaranteed a perfect VoIP solution for end-user services such as hosted IP PBX, residential VoIP, Calling cards, Hosted Mobile dialers and many more.

Do I need a separate Billing system?

Convergent charging and billing is an integral part of the Voipswitch class 5 platform. It enables common management of all users and all deployed services. In addition, the system includes convergence of payment methods like prepaid and postpaid, as well as access methods and services like Calling Cards, hosted mobile dialers, residential and enterprise telephony (with Hosted PBX and three level reseller module)

VoipSwitch’s Billing system main characteristics attributed to a convergent charging & billing system are support for multiple service types such as voice, video, SMS, DIDs and content, support for bundling of services and the ability to create a single bill and call details record.

VoipSwitch class 5 charging system has the ability to control services and manage balances in real-time. This includes, for example, authenticating the subscriber and checking the account balance before service delivery to the end user. The system can also notify users when the account balance threshold set by the operator is reached, or terminate service connectivity when real-time charging indicates that credit has been depleted. This real-time capability can be used to deliver promotions and notifications to service users to stimulate usage.

Main Features

  • SIP, IMS extensions
  • Media Relay/Proxy with NAT endpoints handling
  • ICE mechanism for Peer to Peer session establishment, STUN and TURN served by VoipSwitch server
  • SIP SIMPLE Instant Messaging, SIP CPIM
  • Presence Resource List support with Watcher Info
  • XCAP for XDM server (part of Voipswitch platform)
  • Credit control application, support for Prepaid and Postpaid model
  • Subscriptions, Packages and other service bundling features
  • Charging functions
  • Real time multi-layer charging with credit control for each ownership level (three level Reseller module)
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Load balancing/sharing for termination endpoints
  • Traffic fai-lover with multiple “waterfall” levels
  • Multiple routing plans – partitioning, hosted enterprise SBC, hosted ET platforms
  • Multilayered accounts ownership structure (Owner, 3 levels of Resellers, Sales Agents)
  • Support for multiple SIP URIs (aliases) per account
  • Support for SIP multidomain environment on the same platform
  • Sharing accounts among services e.g. RCS Hosted mobile dialers share account with Calling card PIN or PINless service
Telephony features/ Enterprise Telephony ( Hosted PBX):
  • Follow me/Find me
  • Hunt Groups
  • Parking, Queing
  • Call center applications
  • Basic telephony features (transfers, hold, second line, shared line, BLF etc.)
  • Voicemails
  • Hosted PBX specific features: Dial by Name, whisper, extensions etc.
  • Autoattendants
Media Gateway (Voip Box):
  • Playing audio/video – Interactive Voice Response system with xml based flow scenarios
  • Call recording to a file or live stream (mp3, mp4, HLS)
  • Legal Interception
  • Transcoding
TURN, Media Relay server:
  • Media Proxy element in ICE mechanism
  • Subscribe/Publish
  • Watcher Info
  • Resource Lists with XDM
  • XCAP protocol for managing Resource Lists
Fax server:
  • T38 protocol
  • Email to fax/fax to email
Why Use our Hosted softswitch solution?

No capital investment

Our Voipswitch hosted platform offers you the benefits of a hosted VoIP softswitch class 5 and billing platform, without having to invest in your own infrastructure. VoipSwitch class 5 allows you to manage your VoIP business either by having your own dedicated Hosted server or through the cloud by using your own web browser to log in to our Web-portal for administrators (VSC3) or for your resellers by using our Three level reseller module (VSR)

Rapid market entry

Build your business quickly and easily using our hosted softswitch solution- When you become a VoIP service provider within 48 hours!

Predictable operating expenses

Thanks to our scalable Voipswitch hosted platform and the variety of Dedicated Hosted Plan – your company benefits by having predictable costs, making it easy to plan your monthly operating budget. One key benefit of working with Voipswitch hosted platform is that our success is based on your success. When you grow, we grow with you.

Around-the-clock access to experienced technical staff

Our highly-trained engineers have unparalleled expertise in helping you with technical issues regarding our hosted VoipSwitch, Hosted mobile dialers and our additional modules (Calling cards, Callshop, Hosted PBX, Three level reseller module etc.)- they are available around the clock to answer your questions or help you configure your services.

Bring your own termination / origination

Our Voipswitch hosted platform allows you to use any provider you need for VoIP termination, origination and other key services. Our flexible routing lets you use as many providers as you need. This gives you the benefits of selecting as many providers as you need to balance both cost and quality. We also can offer you our own high quality, A-z termination.