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Additional Modules

callback moduleThe Callback module enables various types of callback based services. What is common for all types is that it is the provider’s system that initiates connections to two end points on a user request. The types of callback differ in the way how a user can trigger the service.
calling cards moduleVoipswitch’s Calling Card platform is a complete system enabling selling physical cards with PIN as well as offering online managed PINless services.
A provider can also combine both PIN and PINless or even share accounts with other services deployed on VoipSwitch.
call shop moduleCallshop is a simple and comprehensive solution for facilities allowing customers to make low cost international calls. It is fully manageable through a comprehensive web interface. The callshop administrator (owner) creates so called cabins which are in fact VoIP accounts associated under the umbrella of the main callshop account.
online shop moduleVoipSwitch platform supports various payment means. It has been integrated so far with dozens of payment providers from different countries.
It works with both credit card providers and wallet systems.
resellers and agents (VSR)VoipSwitch platform supports a multilayered account ownership structure. The layers constitute the provider, its resellers and two additional levels of sub-resellers. These layers are served by the system in realtime meaning that the credit control application controls balances of a user on each level and terminates the call when any of the balances in the structure has been depleted.
Another, auxiliary layer is Agents. They are not charged per account airtime but per topups and new account creations. They are controlled by resellers and can build sales networks separately for each reseller.
trans-coding moduleImplemented as an application server controlled by the VoipSwitch main platform. It enables VoipSwitch to route and connect calls when the call origination and termination have no common audio codec. The transcoding process is fully transparent for end users.
IP PBX moduleVoipswitch’s Multi-tenant IP PBX solution enables you to offer a hosted business communication solution for enterprises, instead of maintaining costly on-premises PBXes.

standard branded dialersOur branded softphones for iOS and Android work over Wi-Fi and 3G and supports low consumption codecs like g729 and high quality ones like g722 codecs. This state of the art solution allows users to cut their mobile bills at least in half by enabling them to make cheap VoIP calls directly from their smartphones.
The softphones are delivered fully branded – name, icons and logo.
RCS branded dialersThe Rich Communication Suite (RCS) enhances VoIP services by adding a whole suite of new features going beyond voice and text communication. Users can make secure encrypted calls, video calls, see other users presence information, share location, send multimedia files or take part in a group chats etc.
The softphones are delivered fully branded – name, icons and logo.


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