VoipSwitch License Verification

Type your IP details below and hit enter to verify that the Voipswitch Software you are using is our proprietary software and not a pirated version unlicensed by us.

When you enter your IP details we will verify the validity of the server IP and whether the Voipswitch Software you are using is owned and legitimately licensed by us. If you are using a pirated cracked version of our software you will not have the full benefits of our software, including quality of service, updates and support. It is also illegal to use pirated cracked versions of our software.

About us

Voiceserve is the hosted branch of VoipSwitch.com, which primarily offers Dedicated and Cloud-based hosted VoipSwitch solutions with tunneled mobile dialers. Our software is directly licensed, installed and supported by the main developer of the solution i.e. VoipSwitch.com.

Mobile Dialers

Our dialers use our proprietary anti-blockage solution, which enable your clients to make crystal clear voice calls from areas where VoIP services are blocked, like the UAE, KSA, Lebanon etc.


Using our hosted solution, you can offer a wide range of wholesale and retail services. Thanks to its scalable structure, VoipSwitch allows you to offer residential VoIP services, pre/post-paid Calling cards, Callback, Callshop and IP PBX services.


VoipSwitch offers you the opportunity to become a VoIP software solution provider, by purchasing wholesale licenses of our proprietary VoIP solutions and reselling it directly to your clients, thus becoming an official authorized partner of ours. We also offer a commission for successfully referring clients to our service.